Brits embracing authentic Mexican cuisine

On May 31, 2012 by MexicoToday

A Mexican wave of culinary delights is gripping the UK as Brits clamour for the traditional flavours of Mexico. A Mexican influence has been growing across The Isles for years, with tacos, burritos and quesadillas often the staple dishes of the many ‘Tex-Mex’ restaurants throughout the UK. However as Brits refine their pallets – with the increasing emphasis on ‘fresh’ food – authentic Mexican cuisines are high on the menu of British consumers. Thomasina Miers is the founder of Wahaca, one of the first restaurants to give the British a taste of cuisine faithful to the Mexican culture. “I started Wahaca because I genuinely thought Mexican food was the biggest global culinary secret and I wanted people to know that Tex-Mex wasn’t real Mexican. And at long last, the message is getting through.” Wahaca aside, Miers believes there are an increasing number of top quality Mexican restaurants now established throughout the UK – citing Taqueria, Luardos and Mestizo in London as some of the best.

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