Mexican photographer, Ulises Castellanos, Shines in London Through His Recent Work “Mexico City: Invisible City”

On September 19, 2012 by MexicoToday


Mexican photographer Ulises Castellanos recently presented a selection of his work in London. “Mexico City: Invisible City” was the name of his latest portfolio of photos featuring images of modern Mexico. Through the lens of Castellanos, includes the city’s most iconic buildings such as the Torres Arcos Bosques in Santa Fe, the Angel of Independence, Mexico City’s World Trade Center, as well as images of Mexican people, young and adult. Watch a video here for images on his latest work.

Following the inauguration of Castellanos’ photo exposition in London, the Mexican Embassy in London organized a party of “El Grito” the following day at Camden Centre in celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day. Watch a collection of photos from both events here.

The event helped to show the UK public a sample of Mexican documentary photography through the work of Castellanos, and show how Mexico is a modern city with a unique cultural story.

Castellanos studied photography at House of Images (1983) and in the Active School of Photography in Mexico (1986), and the Journalists Training Centre (CFPJ) in Paris, France (1992). Castellanos formerly taught as a visiting professor of photojournalism at the Maison du Mexique the Paris International Academic City. Some of his most important exhibitions in recent years are: “Mexico City, Construction Space” presented in 2004 at the Photo Gallery 798 in Beijing, China; “Scars” which was presented in Paris in 2005 at the Renoir Gallery He Latine; “Tibet” presented at the Alliance Francaise in 2006; and “Beijing Forbidden City” presented at the Tecnológico de Monterrey in the same year.

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