Burton’s Newly Released Animation Film Inspired by Día de los Muertos

On November 1, 2012 by MexicoToday

Iconic film Director, Tim Burton’s newly released film ‘Frankenweenie’ was inspired by Mexico’s most important holiday, Día de los Muertos. Burton, who is known for his dark themed movies, has captured the essence of what Día de los Muertos is all about; celebrating the dead. Frankenweenie is a remake of Burton’s short film and a parody to the film Frankenstein.

The black and white, stop-motion animation film is about a little boy, Victor Frankenstein, who lives with his parents and dog in New Holland. During a baseball game, Victor hits a home run and his dog Sparky chases after the ball and gets killed by a car. Feeling depressed about the loss of his dog, Victor decides to try to resurrect his beloved pet by making a laboratory in his attic. Fortunately, Victor is successful and brings Sparky back to life with lightning.

When asked about the film,Burton said “Of all the cultures I’ve visited and been to, I find the Mexican way of dealing with death the most positive.” Every year on November 1-2, people from Mexico celebrate Día de los Muertos, also known as Day of the Dead, by decorating their homes and leaving offerings.

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