International film “Hidden Moon” to premiere in Mexico

On November 16, 2012 by MexicoToday

Hidden Moon premieres November 23 in Mexico. Director Pepe Bojorquez manages to capture the true beauty and complications of life. It intertwines the intricate feelings of love with the deep nature of truth. A talented filmmaker, Bojorquez says this story is not just his – it’s everyone’s reality.

“The story is easy to empathize with,” Bojorquez said. “It’s about chasing your dreams, falling in love. Sometimes our goals and what we want to accomplish get in the way of everything, such as the love that’s right in front of us.”

Hidden Moon tells the story of a beautiful woman, whose dramatic entrance at the funeral of a man in California shocks his prosperous family. The man’s son then travels to Mexico to discover the truth about the woman’s relationship with his father. Upon finding her, he discovers that she is living with another man, and refuses to admit knowing his father. What happens when true love appears twice, at the same moment? This web of emotions is difficult to unravel and its unclear whether there will be a happy ending for all involved.

Filmed in Guanajuato and Veracruz, Hidden Moon showcases the unparalleled magnificence of Mexico. Its accomplished cast includes Wes Bentley from “American Beauty” and “The Hunger Games,” Mexican actress Ana Serradilla, actor and writer Jonathan Schaech and Linda Gray, the star of “Dallas.”

After its premiere in Mexico, it will arrive to European cinemas, and then to the United States. A depiction of modern reality – a cross border love story — Hidden Moon paints the exquisiteness and rarity of love against the backdrop of gorgeous Mexico.

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