Three Kings Day Is Almost Here

On January 7, 2013 by MexicoToday

As the Christmas holiday comes to an end, one must not forget the fun celebration of Three Kings Day (Día de los Reyes) because it is the perfect way to finish up the holiday season.  Celebrated on January 6, the festive occasion is filled with great food, lots of presents, carolers, and quality time with loved ones.  This particular holiday is especially joyful for children because they are involved in the taking down and raiding of the tree which happens to be filled with sweets and chocolate ornaments wrapped in foil.

Traditionally, on the night before Three Kings day, each child puts out a pair of their shoes so that when the Three Kings arrive they will know how many presents to leave. Each child receives one present and opens their gift on this holiday rather than on Christmas day.

A few of the culinary traditions that one has to look forward to are tamales, hot chocolate and king’s cake (rosca del reyes).  King’s cake is sweet bread in the shape of a circle, symbolising a king’s crown.  Baked somewhere inside the cake is a small plastic figurine and whoever ends up with the figurine when the cake is cut is responsible for hosting the next holiday, Candlemas (la Candelaria) on February 2.

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