MexicoToday Brand Ambassador Ricardo Triviño Representing the Americas at Monte Carlo Rally

On January 17, 2013 by MexicoToday

On January 15-20, 2013, Mexican rally racer and MexicoToday Brand Ambassador Ricardo Triviño will be the only Americas rally driver to participate at the upcoming Monte Carlo Rally in Monaco which is considered the most difficult rally in the world. His participation in this prestigious event is how he will kick off the World Rally Championship (WRC) 2013 season worldwide.

The WRC FIA-NACAM 2012 champion Triviño, who is also featured together with co-pilot Alex Haro in the newly launched WRC3 videogame, will be amongst the very few participants willing to challenge those tough tracks following five intense days of driving in the highest mountains and elevations in Europe.

The Monte Carlo tracks are very tough as drivers will need to manage racing with snow and ice on the asphalt tracks using studded tires. For drivers to be successful on those tracks they need to have the lead with expertise and highly focused.

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