A New Memorandum of Understanding is Signed between Britain and Mexico to Promote Tourism

On June 26, 2012 by MexicoToday

A memorandum of understanding was recently passed between VisitBritain, one of the leading British tourism agencies and the Mexico Tourism Board. This memorandum was signed with the intention of promoting an increase in tourism activities in Mexico by the British population. There is so much so see and experience in Mexico including its sweeping landscapes, rich history, and cultural traditions in art, music, and architecture. Trade & Investment Minister Lord Green stated, “I would like to see more British tourists visiting this wonderful country which has world heritage sites, biosphere reserves and rare wildlife, as well as beaches. I also look forward to seeing many visitors from Mexico this summer at London 2012.”

Mexican Xelha beach

A gorgeous view of the tropical waters, coastline and beaches in Xelha, Mexico. Photo by Jessica Seba

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